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Asphalt-IQ can create a unique, bespoke carbon management system for any road surfacing treatment.

Thermal-IQ is one such system giving accurate, real time carbon calculations in a custom built environment

Thermal Road Repair knew that their innovative pothole repair system was a much lower carbon process than traditional hot asphalt repairs. But how could they prove it?

By partnering with Asphalt IQ, Thermal Road Repairs can now provide accessible, automated, digital, carbon management data solutions to the highways surfacing industry.

Using their Smart A-Tag, coupled with the Thermal IQ app, they are able to calculate the carbon emissions for a particular geolocated piece of work. This not only allows for Thermal Road Repairs to prove their low carbon emissions, but it also allows an audit trail for their clients to aid in adherence to PAS 2080:2023.

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