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Climate is changing and the highways maintenance industry has recognised that we must transition to a lower carbon supply chain.

The Problem

The UK highways industry is committed to reaching "Net Zero" by 2040 but currently there is no single uniform definition and carbon calculation methodology for the asphalt industry.

The carbon calculators that are in the market are all excel based spreadsheets which are not capable of providing robust carbon emissions records and a geolocated carbon audit capability. 

In addition there is a new standard, PAS 2080:2023, which is increasingly being demanded by clients to ensure accurate calculation and recording of carbon emissions on highways works.

PAS 2080:2023 – The New Standard

A carbon management process should have robust monitoring and transparent reporting at frequent intervals during the delivery of projects and/or programmes of work to highlight the progress of carbon reductions against targets. Reports should inform decision-making in managing whole life carbon, as well as provide information for future continuous improvement.


  • Encourage the adoption of robust and validated methodologies for the reporting of carbon emissions in their control and influence.
  • Develop robust methodologies tailored to the government or regulator, where required.
  • Incentivize greater data sharing and collaboration within the value chain, allowing improvements in maturity of their sector.

The Solution

Carbon-IQ is a smartphone app which enables the calculation and GPS recording of carbon emissions from road surfacing works. Activated by the Smart A-Tag and completed in less than 60secs, Carbon-IQ is the fastest and most practical asphalt carbon calculator on the market

The patented "Smart A-Tag" enables the road to "Speak for itself with a unique digital identity and GPS location creating the opportunity to calculate the Co2 emissions of the asphalt construction scheme.